Large Panel Saw

The PBA is a “gantry” style saw designed to efficiently cut large panels and even complex GluLam beams. The gantry can be built with up to 9 different cutting and milling tools for roof profiles, wall details and openings. The PBA has helped Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) and the Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) fabricators throughout Europe and North America cut these panels faster and more accurate than could ever be done by hand.

With the Hundegger PBA, you can instantly access machine service history logs, receive error notifications, view performance reports and perform many other time- and money-saving tasks. And with wireless and server connected networking, our Hundegger certified technicians can log in remotely, saving even more time and money.

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PBA machine 1

PBA machine 2

PBA machine 3

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